The Reality of Being a Pansexual

The Reality of Being a Pansexual

This is not a category for fame, no matter how many people claim it is. This is for the like-minded people who understand and accept the reality of living life as a pansexual. These are the true believers who are not afraid to call out their true self for what it is and will continue to follow their higher purpose no matter what the outcome may be.

True pansexuals understand that all sexuality is not a one-way street and that only true homosexuality can make the other kind of sexual expression possible. The word “pan” in pansexual means “both” and refers to the possession of both masculine and feminine traits that enable the sexual orientation. As with heterosexuality, a person in this form of sexual expression must be comfortable in all positions of cohabitation.

Pansexuals understand that it is a wonderful thing to have two diverse sexualities and to be able to enjoy the many other benefits that come with it. They know that every person is a unique entity and that it takes more than just the “average guy” to make for a good relationship. When a good person accepts himself as a pansexual, he will truly be able to make a relationship for a person on the side to happen.

Sexual identity does not mean anything less than an individual that is able to define his sexuality in a particular way. This simply means that a person is able to acknowledge his preferences and embrace them, no matter how they are perceived by others. The true believer in all forms of sexual expression knows that everyone’s needs come at different points in time, and that it is that individual’s individual attraction to the opposite sex that will ultimately make them fulfilled.

The definition of “pansexual” does not hold to any dogma of the Catholic church, but rather, to the scientific and practical understanding of the world around us. Pansexuality is a way of being that encompasses all sexual expression possible. As such, it is a way of life that embraces diversity as the root of its success. While it may be a new choice for some, the true believers of this pansexual path will continue to make it possible for all to participate in the diversity of life.

Any marriage that requires intimacy in a sexual way should be avoided. Instead, a person who is pansexual should make a “new beginning” in each sexual relationship that they enter. In any of these instances, the individual will realize that this type of sexual expression will only make them truly satisfied in a marriage relationship.

One should be ready to commit to a specific type of pansexuality in order to thrive in this world. This is not only a new way of life for individuals, but it is also a new way of living for everyone.

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