How Does the “Transgender” Term Differ From the “Transgendered” Term?

How Does the “Transgender” Term Differ From the “Transgendered” Term?

Recently, the issue of transgender people in the United States has become more of a political issue. The subject has surfaced recently in regard to issues such as marriage equality, defense of religious freedom, and medical research. People on all sides of the political spectrum have become more aware of the LGBTQ community. Just a few years ago, though, those in the transgender community were largely unheard of.

Transgenders, also known as transmen or transwomen, are those who identify as women but may consider themselves to be men, women, or both. They are oftentimes referred to as transsexuals. The difference between these two terms is that a transsexual is a person who identifies as a woman and a transgendered is a person who identifies as a man.

Transgenders can come from all different kinds of backgrounds. Many of the individuals who identify as transgenders actually identify as women. Some choose to be men, while others prefer to be considered women. People who identify as women often feel like they have to adopt the masculine gender roles to be “women.” Often times, individuals who identify as men have very serious issues with their masculine nature.

When individuals who identify as transgenders come to terms with their gender identities, many times, they seek help from others. It is important to understand that they are in the process of learning how to live as who they are. These individuals often seek help from transgender organizations that can help them with issues such as how to deal with embarrassment, how to deal with bullying, and how to make friends and get along with others.

For some individuals, the term transgender may mean something else. This does not always mean that they identify as the opposite gender. They may simply want to find a name for themselves. Other people simply do not feel like they are a member of the “standard” gender. For these individuals, the term “transgender” is appropriate and does not have the same connotation as the word “transgendered.”

For some transgender people, the term “transgender” is synonymous with the group “gay,” because of the large trans communities in North America. Some trans people say that they are not gay. But, they simply identify as being attracted to people of the same gender, regardless of the gender that they were assigned at birth.

For others, the term “transgender” is not synonymous with the word “gay,” because there are many transgender people who identify as straight. This is a group that, unfortunately, is often misunderstood by the general public. Often times, it is simply taken as a joke to refer to someone as “gay” when the person identifies as transgender.

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