Underground: LGBT Influencer, Comedian, Actress and Youtuber of 2019 Is Young Ezee

Underground: LGBT Influencer, Comedian, Actress and Youtuber of 2019 Is Young Ezee

2019 was a very prominent year for 26 year old, Ezee. Not only was she featured in The Global Media Business Magazine, Forbes but Young Ezee only continues to put fame on her name by rapidly growing her online presence organically reaching millions in followers and viewers of her comedic skits. 

At an early age, Ezee begins creating her own sketches with the help of her siblings after receiving her first camcorder. She realized then, the love for not only being in front of the camera but also behind the cameras; directing, writing, and producing.

Ezee personas range from club-goers to senior citizens dancing and entertaining online and bystanders on the Los Angeles, Hollywood streets. In addition, to a variety of original short-video content on many social media platforms including, Vine, Twitter, and Instagram, Young Ezee has a Youtube Channel, Young Ezee Vlogs, which she started in 2016.

Just recently she started a YouTube Channel, alongside her best friend, Natalie Odell. Aside from Natalie, she has also collaborated with other YouTubers including The Family Project, which includes Natalie and her brother, King Bach and Liane V. 

In the 2 years of their friendship, many speculations are made between Natalie & Ezee; are they just friends and business partners or carrying on a discreet relationship for the sake of Natalie, who is straight or at least publicly doesn’t identify as being part of the LGBT Community. Ezee, on the other hand, is a Lesbian who came out during High School.

During an interview with Authority Magazine, she revealed that she contributes part of her success to her first ex-girlfriend who allowed her to be herself and to not judge herself while going after her dreams. And that’s exactly what she did. Her great personality, smile, and creative content has captivated global viewers and she couldn’t be more ecstatic turning her hobby to a love that has reached so many. 

Other than self- producing her own skits, and producing and starring in her own film, The Scholarship, along with Natalie, Ezee enjoys traveling and has visited some of the most beautiful places in the world including Hawai’i, Italy, and Dubai. She also enjoys being an advocate for the LGBT Community, and surprisingly to some, enjoys the illusion of art AKA magic. 

Ezee advises for other upcoming Influencers or anyone, in general, following their dreams is to stay motivated, plan accordingly and plan ahead. Prioritize, be flexible and effectively do something every day towards your goals. Fun Fact about Ezee, when she first started she was working retail, had more than one job at a time and drove for Uber. 

There wasn’t a better LGBT Influencer to feature besides Young Ezee and we look forward to her future projects. For more on Ezee, make sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel. 

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