Underground: 15 Facts About Actress Krystal Moment From The Lesbian Web Series Studville TV and Studzmen

Underground: 15 Facts About Actress Krystal Moment From The Lesbian Web Series Studville TV and Studzmen

Studville TV is a Lesbian Web series that shows the different lifestyles of Studs from the ATL (Atlanta). It’s about close friends and how they have their own unique story. Below is 15 facts about the web series actress Krystal Moment who played “Hope” on Studville TV. Find out more about Krystal Hope below and Check out Studville TV here.

1. I got a role on Studville TV web series by just being friends with the creator/producer, we had been friends for quite some time and I was at a party with her and a few more of the cast members and I remember telling her drunkenly that if she needed me for some scenes that I was available.

Of course, I was joking because I was more than sure that she had a full cast with more than enough fans willing to jump in and be any extra she may have wanted. But sure enough, the next season casting call rolled around and she asked me to come and audition, I did and the rest is history.

2. I have directed and produced a web series called Mainstream Flawed. A story based around the writer and creator of the project. We shot the whole season but for personal reasons, the writer decided to follow other dreams. The first few episodes can be found on youtube.

As for films I am in the process of writing my first full feature film and shooting my second short film written by myself both ironically in reference to the LGBT lifestyle and the many issues that arent really brought to the attention of the public.

3. I would love to make acting an career but unfortunately to me, the industry is oversaturated with my type of actress so for me, it doesn’t feel as realistic or as lucrative as a career goal as some others may feel.

I love doing it though I get a high being in front of a camera as well as an awesome feeling of nervousness that I’m still trying to overcome. lol SO right now I am a data entry, bartending, serving, a photographer who dips and dabs in creating films and projects for my community, open to most roles including but not limited to anything different and behind the scenes.

4. I am tapping on the 30 doors.

5. I actually share a birthday with Aaliyah I was born on the 16th of January. My sign is a Capricorn.

Krystal Moment of Studville TV

6. I’m originally from Chicago but I’ve lived a large amount of my life in Cali and Guam as well. My hobbies include doing nails, makeup, and hair (silly I know) I also enjoy nature photography, and traveling.

7. I enjoy Hispanic foods. More specifically tacos. I can lowkey be bribed with tacos. I love Indian food and some Chinese.

8. My favorite song on the radio right now is Drake – Controlla.

9. I almost hate to say it because it feels super basic but I really love Beyonce. Her growth in her music is everything. She is the ultimate music artist to me. No one compares.

10. My favorite web series is the Studville TV course! lol

11. I honestly think Ameer Jewel is an outstanding actress. She’s a pretty cool person too, love her spirit. Oh! and Toni Fields… her growth in acting is inspiring and she’s pretty damn dreamy too.

12. I am happily taken.

13. I love her ambition, the way she carries herself, the fact that she is strong and beautiful, shes never really complacent, she pushes and encourages me to want more and to do better.

14. You can catch me in the upcoming season of Studvilletv probably as the ghost of Studville’s past or something lol.

15. I wanna make sure that people are encouraged to follow their dreams no matter what they are and no matter how dumb they may seem inside of your head. Everybody has a propose in this world to inspire each other in one way or another.

Don’t miss your calling to do something amazing by psyching yourself out. You are great in your own way and nobody but you can take that away.

Oh! and when someone asks you to be apart of something no matter how small it is if it’s in the field you are interested in go for it, the biggest and hardest part is just getting your foot in the door and staying focused.
Thank you for the opportunity to express myself! Be blessed!

Don’t dream it, be it.

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