Underground: Xclusive Interview With Actress and Entrepreneur Miss Nina Lauren

Underground: Xclusive Interview With Actress and Entrepreneur Miss Nina Lauren
Miss Nina Lauren is a actress,TV host, marketing lifestyle influencer, real estate agent and an event specialist. She has done several acting projects and web-series.She is a woman of many trades. Find out who Nina Lauren is and check out the interview below.
  1. How did you get started acting and what all have you acted in?

Well, I got started with acting when I was living in Charlotte, NC. During this particular time, I’d been having a kind of curiosity about the set life, and working with other actors. It looked really fun on tv and I’d always look at the outtakes and think it’d be really cool to have a great time and pretend to be someone else.

Anywho, someone tagged me in a casting post for the web series, Come Take a Walk With Me. I went to the casting, I got a role, then got bumped to a bigger role, and everything else snowballed from there. Lol. 

I’ve been on Network/Box office shows/movies: T.I. and Tiny, the Family Hustle, Tyler Perry’s: The Have and Have Nots, Dumb and Dumber To, Twista’s It’s Yours Video, and Roadie’s V-Day commercial 🙂

I have been in a number of Independent projects: Come Take a Walk With Me (season 2), The Other Side (movie), Studville TV (seasons 2 and 3), Refracted Reflections, The Imperfect Wife (movie), Beyond Betrayal (stage play), and some others in the works!

2.  Have you produced or directed any films or web series? If so what?

No, but I’ve been in the process of writing my own feature-length film. It will be based on a true story, but with added storylines.

3.  Do you plan on making acting a career? What do you do for a living?

Hmmm…good question 😉 Lol. I am actually an Elementary school computer/technology teacher. As for making an acting career, I would love to. Currently, I am keeping an eye out for great opportunities and just always putting in organic efforts into any role that I play. Everything is about the relationships you build, your brand, and timing. We will see 🙂

4. Where does your name “Heaven Sent” derive from?

This is a funny story. When I was younger and barely legal, I was a part of a Family/House. ‘Houses’ competed in balls, made appearances at social functions, and had outings as a family. There was a mother, father, and all of the members were their sons/daughters. Being inducted into the house, I obtained the name Heaven, and it just stuck. As for adding ‘Sent’, Heaven Sent just went together, lol. 

5.  When is your birthday? What is your horoscope sign?

My birthday is May 21st and I am an amazing, third-eye GEMini!! Tidbit: Notorious BIG and I share the same birthday.

6.  Where are you originally from? What are your hobbies?

I am originally from Atlanta, GA, and no….I’m not a famous “Grady Baby” 😉 Hobbies? I love to listen to music, try different restaurants, I always get a kick out of hanging with family, friends, and new folks with great energy, doing something low key. I host, and I recently started back playing my violin!

7.  What is your favorite foods?

Pasta, crab legs, island food, fresh salads, mac n’ cheese, okay I’m going to stop here….getting hungry…

8.  What is your favorite song out on the radio right now?

Exchange by Bryson Tiller I think. Love the lyrics and of course the chorus sample.

9.  Who is your favorite music artist right now?

My favorite artist is, was, and will always be the lovely Miss Erykah Badu *drops mic* 

10.  Do you have a favorite LGBT web series?

You know what? I don’t! I have like a top 3, and 2 of them….I was in 😉

11.  Who is a favorite actor in an LGBT web series (if any)?

Hmmmm….right now, and fortunately, there are so many web series that represent the community right now, and so many of them are great….and include large casts. I definitely have some favorites, but not just one. Kudos to all of us!

12.  Are you single or taken?

Good question…. 🙂 

13.  What do you like within a significant other or your significant other?

I love a confident, driven, attractive, romantic, aggressive, passionate, creative, understanding significant other that has the potential for great communication. Love it!

14.  Can we watch you in any other web series coming soon?

Yes you can!! Follow my Instagram and Facebook to keep up with me @MissNinaLauren 

15.  Anything else you would like to add?

If you ever see me out, or if you never see me out, know that it’s always peace and always love…all the time! I’m always grinding because I love the adrenaline rush of the hustle. Do what you love, and do that with genuine love, and never stop. Never. You will always win. Perception is everything so you create YOUR OWN reality. Remember that. 🙂

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