Underground: Xclusive Interview With BOOP: Mya From NYGTV Lesbian Web series

Underground: Xclusive Interview With BOOP: Mya From NYGTV Lesbian Web series

NYGTV or New York Girl TV web series launched in 2014 by the creator, writer, and director Amira Shaunice. NYGTV is now in its third season. The web series is about the lives of lesbians living in New York City.  It shows the all-around drama lesbians have to go through with sex, friendship, family and lovers.

Furthermore, Boop recently did a show called “For The Love of Boop” where she has women compete for her love. Check out the first episode and her exclusive interview below.

So exactly who is “Mya from the NYGTV web series? Check out the interview with Boop aka Mya from NYGTV below

1. How did you get started acting with the web series NYGTV (New York Girls TV)?

I was actually found through the Brooklyn Lesbian hashtag on Instagram by the very talented creator/director Amira Shaunice. I guess she had been doing a little shopping on there in order to fill the main roles.

 2. Have you acted before? If so, in what?

Answer: Professionally, never. I’ve always attended performing arts schools because I majored in dance (ballet and modern) but always had a secret love for acting. I would go home and act out movies with my sisters.  I also enjoyed watching my classmates take up drama class and wondered if I’d ever give it a shot.

I’ve performed many times on stage for dance but only did one playback in Elementary for the story of Strega Nona (a children’s book). I was one of the random townspeople.

After finishing High School I was asked by a friend to be featured in two music videos: Interlude De Throw’d and Stars over London which were music videos by LiveSosa. Shout out to him because his music is featured on some of the episodes for NYGTV.

 3. Do you plan on making acting a career? What do you do for a living?

Answer: Acting professionally is not something I’ve always planned on doing but I am pretty open to continuing acting classes and working on other projects upon requests based on the content. As far as what I do for a living it’s nothing to rant about but I’d love to keep that to myself for professional and privacy reasons.

4. How old are you?

Answer: I’m a grown woman. Lol

5. Is your real name Boop?

Answer: Boop isn’t my real name but wouldn’t that be dope?!

6. When is your birthday? What is your horoscope sign?

Answer: My birthday is January 17th which makes me a Capricorn. Also, I’m a rising Sagittarius with my moon in Capricorn. J

7. Are you originally from New York? If so, where?

Answer: Brooklyn, New York. I spent most of my upbringing in these parts: Coney Island, East New York, Flatbush, and Bedstuy.

8. What is your ethnicity?

Answer: My mother is Puerto Rican and my father is African American; both Americans from Brooklyn though.

9. What are your favorite foods and hobbies?

Answer: I love bacon. As a matter of fact, I love meat in general. Lol, I’m definitely a meat lover. Give me a medium steak and I’ll melt. I’m also crazy about Ice Cream. As far as hobbies go, I still dance in the privacy of my own home, I write a lot and I also enjoy tweeting with inquiring minds on Twitter. I’m also a music lover and a huge hobby of mine is searching for Chillwave/Retrowave tracks from underground artists on Soundcloud.

10. What is your favorite song out on the radio right now?

Answer: Rihanna – Needed Me

11. Who is your favorite music artist right now?

Answer: J Cole

12. Do you have a favorite LGBT web series besides NYGTV?

Answer: No.

13. Who is your favorite actor on another web series (if any)?

Answer: I love Jersey Moulin who played “Zoe” on Between Women but that’s because I got to meet her and work with her personally on NYGTV. She’s an amazing person. Shout out to her.

14. Are you related to anyone on NYGTV?

Answer: If you mean Cam and Mya, no. We’re not related by blood but we still call one another cousins. Sometimes family members come unrelated. However, the woman who plays “Beverly” as Mya’s mother is my aunt on my father’s side.

15. Are you single or taken?

Answer: Single.

 16. What do you like within a significant other or your significant other?

Answer: One trait that I consider a deal-breaker is if my significant other doesn’t respect their mother because if you don’t respect your mother, you won’t respect me or any woman for that matter. I understand if things get complicated but respect for your mother is very important to me.

17. Can we watch you in any other web series soon?

Answer: NYGTV will be the only web series I’ll ever do.

18. Will, there be another season of NYGTV, and will you be in it?

Answer: I’m not at liberty to release this information but definitely keep up with us by following @NewYorkGirlsTv on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, visit our website NewYorkGirlsTv.Com

19. Anything else you would like to add?

Answer: I’d like to shout out my entire NYGTV family and the crew behind the scenes.  Thank you for having me and please stay tuned!

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