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Black Lesbian Web-series Studville TV Actress Speaks on Breast Cancer, Love On Set, and more

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One on One with Faurice Harley from  Studville TV Lesbian Web-series   “I kept waking up, debating – should I go, not go. In my mind, I said, you might as well go, your hair grew back”.  After recovering from hair loss caused by months of chemotherapy, breast cancer survivor, Faurice Harley aka Anise on Studville TV gets ready for a 10 AM casting call. Faurice’s hair grew back and it inspired her to audition for Studville TV, a hot, new edition to lesbian web-series. Get an insight look to overcoming life obstaclesRead More

Pride Events and Parades 2017

Every year Pride events come around for the LGBT community to come together, celebrate and have fun! There is a festive time of LGBT love with parades, music, and of course LGBT pride. Just in case you plan on attending several prides this spring and summer we have listed all the pride parades and events below for 2017. Don’t miss out on the time of your life showing pride for the LGBT community and having fun with your family and friends! US Pride Events 2017 March 2017 March 26 DinahRead More