Between women


Between Women Lesbian Web Series hits on organ harvesting and the death of Kendrick Johnson

Between Women, produced and written by Michelle A. Daniel, has been one of my top black lesbian web series hands down since the first episode which premiered in 2011. They have an amazing cast and juicy episodes you just can’t enough of. Contrast to other Lesbian web series, Between Women, tackles, from the very first season, domestic abuse in lesbian relationships, studs with kids, transgenderism, racism, and other topics that affect the LGBT community, especially in the black LGBT community.   Between Women has always delivered interesting storylines but mostRead More

Get To Know Krystal Moment “Hope” From Studville TV had a chance to find out exactly who “Hope” is from StudvilleTV. Her name is Krystal Moment and you can check out her interview below. 1. How did you get started acting with StudvilleTV and what all have you acted in? I actually started by just being friends with the creator/producer we had been friends for quite sometime and I was at a party with her and a few more of the cast members and I remember telling her drunkenly that if she needed me for some scenes thatRead More

Top 10 Hot Black Lesbian Web Series That Are Addicting To Watch

Today there is an abundance of lesbian web series that can be found online. If you search lesbian web series on YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, a bundle of series come up. No more having to just watch straight people on reality shows or web series, you can now enjoy top lesbian and gay web series online. I love my lesbian web series and seriously some of those web series become like soap opera. Lesbian web series can seriously become addictive watch I usually subscribe to my top favorite web series soRead More