About Us

TheLGBTWorld.com has launched it’s very first digital magazine that will showcase urban LGBT members worldwide! TheLGBTWorld.com will be a bi-monthly free digital magazine that features one on one exclusive interviews with members of the Urban LGBT Community in Media and Entertainment. Q&A features with Socialites, Web-Series and Reality TV LGBT Stars. This digital magazine will cover other aspects involving the community from a broad perspective ranging from health to finance, lifestyle and politics. Cover stories relating to current political news headlines, including in-depth gender specific and LGBT reportage and commentary.

The LGBTWorld.com strives to essentially open up a platform that will attribute to all in the Urban LGBT Community. In addition, TheLGBTWorld.com also spotlights monthly LGBT Movies to watch for, Lesbian, Gay and
Trans Models of the Month! Underground artist, music reviews, global LGBT events also fill the pages of this bi-monthly magazine catered to the LGBT members of the world who love all things Urban.Created by El Leslie, a unique Androgynous from the Mid-West and a team of LGBT Entrepreneurs from all over the US. The need of exposure for the urban underground LGBT community was the inspiration to development of TheLGBTWorld.com.




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