Moniece Slaughter and AD from #LHHH In Love?

Moneice Slaughter has been appearing on the hit, VH1 reality show; Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, as the baby mother to cast member and former B2K member, Lil Fizz. Moniece has been known for not only having an up and down relationship with Lil Fizz, even moving back in with her ex to help co-parent, but she was, also, engaged to another social personality on Love and Hip hop: New York, Producer Rich Dollaz, just last year in 2016. 

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On this season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Moneice has officially gotten over both of her EX’s and have joined the band wagon of cast members who have crossed over to the same sex. On the first episode, Moneice publicizing her relationship with Androgynous girlfriend, AD. AD divulged to the other cast member, Masika, and a new member to join the cast, Stylist Zell Swagg, about how Moneice isn’t known for being kinky but she brings out the kinky in her.  

She reveals falling in love with Moneice, and during the first episode, Moniece and AD were all over each other, hugging, laughing and kissing. This relationship between Moniece and AD is definitely a growing relationship as they talk about moving in together. Moniece has written about AD on her Instagram sharing how she sent her flowers and thanking her for always being there for her.

AD, is Italian and Puerto Rican, 34 years of age, and is originally from Brooklyn, New York. She is a sneaker head and considers herself the most passionate sneaker head of this generation. The love for sneakers grows for Ad as a youth on the basketball courts and recently opened up, Digg the Kicks or DTK, a sneaker and street wear boutique.

 During, the taping of, ‘Meet the Cast’, AD disclosed how she has always been a tomboy and hung out with boys. She admitted, growing up was hard for her trying to figure out her sexuality due to a lack of role models coming out. She said once she was able to be her authentic self, however, she was happier and felt freer.

AD shares that filming the show is something she considers completely different out of her comfort zone, yet, find it positive challenging herself to show a different side of herself because she is so private. She says she has a responsibility as a lesbian to representing herself to the world as a role model.

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So, stay tuned to see how deep their love is and far their relationship will withstand. On upcoming episodes, the drama starts to erupt when AD goes and sees her former fling/best friend at the strip club who gives her two senses on what she thinks about Moneice.

Will AD and Moneice stay together during the filming of Season 6 Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood? We’ll see!

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