Sunday, August 20th, 2017


Must Read Interview with Model/Actress/Business Owner Nina Lauren aka Heaven Sent

1. How did you get started acting and what have you acted in? Well, I got started with acting when I was living in Charlotte, NC. During this particular time, I’d been having a kind of curiosity about the set life, and working with other actors. It looked really fun on tv and I’d always look at the outtakes and think it’d be really cool to have a great time and pretend to be someone else. Anywho, someone tagged me in a casting post for the web series, Come TakeRead More

Xclusive Interview with Writer & Producer B. Danielle Watkins

 1. You started writing at age 9, what inspired you to become a writer so young? And was it a short story or a poem? I honestly don’t think at the time I would have considered it “becoming a writer” as much as I would have considered myself an over achiever.  It was a class assignment I had in 4th grade that caused me to want to be the best and resulted in a horror short about a werewolf. 2. You stated you grew up alone in one of yourRead More