Rapper True Studd Shares Defiant Anthem “I Am The Agenda”

San Francisco-based rapper True Studd has recently shared her new single “I Am The Agenda,” a defiant anthem acknowledges the power of gays in the music, film, sports and political arenas. Listen below:

“I Am The Agenda”
YouTube: https://youtu.be/bEvg2t2Ls18
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/truestudd/I-am-the-agenda

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As her name implies, True Studd’s goal is to stay authentic, even in the face of the unfairness sometimes surrounding gays. Her passion shines throughout her debut EP The Rise of the Gays. “I want my music to reveal that what you like and who you are doesn’t matter as long as you’re true.

Every song has a message that anybody can connect with – at the end of the day remember we are all humans on one planet. My music is here to show the world we can do just as good or even more, and that my sexuality wasn’t chose but it’s just who I am.”

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