DJ Hurricane’s daughter Ayana Fite reveals she is a lesbian on Growing Up Hip-hop Atlanta

We all know of the infamous DJ Hurricane who first started with Run DMC and then later became the Beastie Boys  DJ. He also released a solo album and started has his own record label called Don’t Sleep Productions.  Now his daughter Ayana Fite is on the cast of Growing up Hip-hop Atlanta.  She also made appearances on Season 1 Growing up Hip-hop. Ayana was born in the ATL on December 23, 1990 and is 25 years old.  She is currently trying to launch her own clothing line and ask her father DJ Hurricane for the money to get it started. What people didn’t know before watching Growing up Hip-hop is that she likes females and is dating a girl name Amy on the show. Apparently, Amy is not Ayana’s first lesbian relationship because before Amy she had “hoes” stated by Ayana.

On the last episode of Growing up Hip-hop Atlanta Ayana, and her girlfriend Amy had dinner with Ayana’s father, and it did not go well at all. DJ Hurricane feels Ayana and her girlfriend Amy should just break up. Guess we just have to keep watching Growing up Hip-hop to see what happens between Ayana and her girlfriend Amy.

Checkout Ayana’s girlfriend Amy with her cousin Brandon who is Deb Antney’s son and who also on the cast of Growing up Hip-hop.

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