Keke Palmer Comes Out On Snapchat: “I love who I want to love”

Keke Palmer has been on the big screen since making her first debut movie appearance in 2004 starring in the Barbershop 2. Since then, she has been seen in many films, including and acting on The Long Shot, at the age of 14, and on The Barber Shop, co-starring twice with Director/Actor & Artist Ice Cube.

Now in her mid 20’s, actress & singer Keke has stepped into her individuality expressing herself vocally, discussing grown up things, on Social network sites like Snapchat. A video was posted, recently, on Snapchat with Keke Palmer talking about being gay and how people in the Black American community view it. “The idea of what a “girl should be” like and other ideas that are put in our head makes us feel like we have to bond ourselves to one identity, otherwise, we aren’t really living an identity that is possible. When in reality that really is you stepping into your own identity”.
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In her tell-all book, I don’t belong to you, she reveals being sexually abused at the age of 5 by a female family member who was 4 years older than her. She has discussed in the past that she is sexually fluid, even in an interview with Wendy Williams. When asked by the Talk Show host, was she “sexually fluid” her response was, “Love is defined by the individual” and she didn’t want to limit herself to one idea. She says “I love who loves me & who I want to love. I know what I like when I see it”. Currently, Keke is preparing for an upcoming role as a lesbian in a movie called Pimp, appearing alongside Vet. NY Rapper, DMX.


Check out what Keke Palmer has to say about her sexual orientation.

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