Monique and Lee Daniels Beef: Monique told Lee Daniels AND Oprah to Suck my d*ck

Monique and Lee Daniels Beef


If you haven’t already heard by now, Actress and Comedian Monique and Creator of FOX Hit Show Empire, Lee Daniels have been going at it. Monique went in on Daniels and Talk Show Host Oprah, telling them to suck her d*ck if she had one during her performance at a Mother’s Day Comedy Special. The ugly drama between Lee Daniels and Monique have been in the Media recently after fires shot where shot by Monique.

The whole drama started when Monique stated Lee Daniels called her and said she had been blacklisted or blackballed from the industry back in 2015. On an interview with Don Lemon on CNN Tonight in 2015, Lee Daniel’s said he didn’t say it in those exact words but he did say that Monique was demanding too much shit and wasn’t meeting demands for the Precious movie. Monique, on the other-hand, tells a different story.


Lee Daniels

The day after Lee Daniels appeared on the show, Monique made an appearance on the Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight show also to talk about her being blackballed. She said it was not that she got blackballed, it was the offers that didn’t make any sense. So basically the money they offered Monique was not flying with her. She said she was only paid $50,000 for acting in the “Precious” movie that she won an Oscar for. $50,000 ain’t shit!


Lastly, Monique speaks and she speaks loud and proud, as she always does. On May 13th, 2017 in Harlem NY at the Apollo Theater at her recent stand-up comedy show, she went all the way in on Lee Daniels, Oprah, and Tyler Perry. She said she didn’t get blackballed, she got white balled by some black d*cks that got no balls (talking about Lee Daniels and also Tyler Perry.) It’s a whole lot of drama.  To get the whole story from Monique and her husband Sidney Hicks, watch the video below. She talks about why she told Oprah to suck her d*ck if she had one and discusses Tyler Perry. Check out Monique’s Tell All interview below.





Monique Tell-All Interview

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