The Stigma of Society When it Comes to Gender: Gold Medalist Caster Semenya

 Caster Semenya is recently best known for winning her gold medal run for the 800m. Winning the Olympics gold, at 1 min and 55 seconds in 2016. Unfortunately, she isn’t known solely for all her great accomplishments and medals. A few years prior, after her 2009 victory win at the World Championship (which broke championship and national record) rather than celebrating her talented ability to run, she was subject to gender harassment and was forced to undergo a sex verification testing. During this time, Caster was disqualified from competing in any further competitions, for one reason and one reason only, she was too fast and too masculine for a woman. So she had to undergo testing to prove she wasn’t a man. After 11 months, she was allowed to compete again. Test results never went public but reports have said that results were intersex or hermaphrodite.

Semenya has experienced indignity treatment considering the weight underneath her belt. She has been insulted by the IAAF due to their gender

Caster Semenya and Violet Raseboya

politics and Hyperandrogenic policy.  The ASA, Athletes of South Africa President Leonard Chuene, admitted to lying to Semenya about what kind of testing was being performed on her. The ruling determined that there is a lack of evidence which proves that women with high levels of testosterone increased females performance. Because the IAAF policy was unable to prove the evidence in which they claimed, the policy that goes after women who are considered to have masculine qualities was suspended.

 Lastly, in an interview with YOU Magazine, Semenya said that all she can do is accept herself because God made her that way. Despite what society thinks or says about gender orientation or gender identity in 2015, on her 26th birthday, Caster Semenya proudly married her long-term partner, 31-year-old Violet Raseboya in her hometown of Limpopo, South Africa. Hope to see more of Semenya on the track field in the future representing the LGBT community.
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