Porsha Williams called a “Freak” by Kandi Burruss on RHOA

Atlanta Housewives. Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot.

If you’ve missed the last couple of episodes 13, 14 and 15 of Bravos’s RHOA or Real Housewives of Atlanta, some strong accusations were being made by some of the cast members that surprisingly don’t involve Kenya.

On the last episode, Kandi and Porsha got into a heated argument about Porsha accusing Kandi and her husband Todd of trying to drug her and lure her into what Porsha called their sex dungeon.

It all started when Marlow heard a rumor involving Kandi from Sheree. During a group dinner, she decided to confront Kandi about the rumor and asked Kandi was she a Lesbian.

Kandi, who has been married to Todd since 2014, said that she may have experienced another woman a time or two but nothing too serious that would cause her to leave her husband and live a Lesbian lifestyle. Porsha said Kandi was a Lesbian or in her words “in the closet” and went on to make some strong accusations that Kandi claims are completely fake and made up.

On episode 14, Kandi got so heated of the false allegations Porsha was accusing her and Todd of that she said it was taking everything in her to not choke the shit out of Porsha and said Porsha was the one who was a freak. Kandi said Porsha told her she would eat her you know what until she came.

Porsha is definitely a closet freak from what Kandi said if Porsha was trying to munch on two pies that night! Well, like Porsha says just blame it on the Henny. Does Henny make you really forget or you just don’t forget and just blame it on the Hennessy like Porsha did?  In conclusion, just blame it on the Henny so you don’t look stupid the next damn day from the nightclub.

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