Who is Transgender Actress Amiyah Scott From Lee Daniels Hit Show “STAR”?

The hit show STAR by Lee Daniels is getting high ratings for their first season of the show. The show bravely included a transgender model named Amiyah Scott who is known for her style, good looks and social media buzz. She was supposedly going to be the replacement for Nene Leakes on the show Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 and was presumed already recording for the show but dropped out on during taping, only making an appearance on the show. 

Amiyah Scott (birth name Arthur) was born in 1988 in New Orleans and beginned her career as a make up artist, soon thereafter modeling gigs took off. Reportly, she has dated famous rappers and celebrities who wanted to remain in the closet to secure their careers.

During an interview sit down , Amiyah had said being on the hit show STAR is really a great opportunity and humbling to tell a story that many people don’t get the opportunity to tell at all. Fox TV Show Star is Amiyah Scott first acting gig. She plays Cotton a transgender women that is a receptionist at her moms salon, played by Queen Latifah. On the show Cotton is just trying to be herself and live as she feels but Carletta her mom just can’t seem to get her little boy out her mind. Carletta’s long-term love fling is Tyrese Gibson, who also plays Carletta’s preacher on the show as Pastor Harris. On the last intense episode of STAR Pastor Harris tried to cure Cotton from wanting to be a women (Amiyah Scott) but it just made the situation worse. That particular seen was probably hard to watch for a lot of transgendered people.

Amiyah Scott has opened the doors to another reality of life and that is a transgender one. Gotta stay tuned to see what happens next.

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