What Is Genetically Engineered Food (GMO) and Is It Good For You? Hell NO!

Genetically engineered food or GMO ( Genetically Modified Organism) are responsible for some of the MOST dangerous diseases known to mankind today, these dreadful diseases could end up being a potential lifetime disaster to not only the state and well being of humanity, but also earth is in danger as well, if we don’t STAND UP and stop these evil Big Brother corporations from taking control of humanity’s earth food supply.

No Genetically Engineered Food

The Genetically engineered food business is a million dollar business. Monsanto owns 90% of the GMO technology and was founded in 1901 in St. Louis Missouri. Monsanto states they are an Agricultural company that aims to help farmers produce healthier foods while reducing agriculture impact on the environment. Before Monsanto was a “Agricultural Company, they were the largest chemical company of the 20th century. “Round Up” is Monsanto’s best selling herbicide and leading product, they have sold Round Up worldwide for over 30 years. Monsanto creates laboratory seeds that are praised as being modern and convenient and are being introduced in a appealing, conventional way that will eliminate hunger through the United Nations, Global sustainable development goals that would make alliances with global and local governments to give deadly GMO seeds to local communities, and indigenous people all over the world.

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Lately there has been major concerns about the aftermath when humans consume genetically engineered products. If an organic crop is contaminated with GMO pollen, it becomes altered. I don’t want to eat GMO foods. My natural god given source of vegetables, fruit and seeds where already provided organically. Food was already provided for humans by nature.
Monsanto, the corp giant of GMO seeds aims to take over the world’s food supply system, owning every natural seed globally. The Farmers don’t even use their own seeds today, they use GMO seeds from Monsanto. This is not sustainable living, it is becoming dependent, surrendering your rights to further live as an Indigenous human being. Companies like Monsanto are attempting to wipe out and completely eliminate and replace natural seeds. The ecological system is being destroyed, so it shouldn’t come to no surprise that the human body would suffer the same effects in the long run. Cross Pollination by wind and the insects that spread are also responsible for killing monarch butterflies.
Animals, wildlife and people are all going extinct. Privately owned farmers virtually don’t exist anymore without GMO seeds planted in the farmers fields. GMO seeds only last a year and are obtained through Monsanto and the Delta and Pine land seed industry. There should be serious concern when consuming food that was not made in its original form, organic state of nature. Genetically Modified Organisms are not intended for the human body, they are intended to depopulate and cause harmful diseases.

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