Tiffany Pollard aka “New York” is Hosting a New Gay Dating Show

Yes! The original  HBIC ( “The Head Bitch in Charge”) is back and now hosting a new reality gay dating show called The Ex. The Ex is about two ex boyfriends that are searching for a second chance at love with help, support and guidance from Tiffany “New York” Pollard, who is hosting and producing the show. She loves her fans and says she has such a great connection with her gay fans. She instantly has a connection with the exes on the show and even cry’s on one episode. She says hosting the show and being there with the exes meant everything to her. The show is produced by Dart entertainment and does not have a network yet but based on the promo video below it seems to be full of emotional moments and of course crazy Tiffany Pollard’s drama. Watch trailer below.


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