Mimi Faust Has Moved On From Chris Gould (Break Up Confirmed)

chris gould and mimi

Mimi Faust and Chris Gould

Chris Gould and Mimi Faust chose to expose to the world their relationship on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5.  No one ever would have expected Mimi Faust to be in a lesbian relationship. This would be considered Mimi’s first real relationship with a women but Chris Gould did not seem to be to enthusiastic to meet and greet with Mimi’s long term friends and ex including Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, who Chris absolutely did not want to meet on the show. Chris Gould does seem a little thrown back on the show by all the drama  and disrespect on Love and Hip-hop Atlanta. It seems as though Chris being on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 was not something she liked doing and as she stated she will never do reality TV again. Speculations right now are Chris and Mimi are not together because neither one is posting pics with each other on their social media accounts and no one has seen the couple out together in public since the premiere of Love and Hip hop Atlanta Season 5. Also recently on Chris Gould Instagram, she basically spilled the beans that Mimi had a new girlfriend. 

mimi faust and tamera young

Tamera Young and Mimi Faust

In a recent VH1 interview with Ariane Davis, Mimi’s close friend, she said she didn’t think Chris was the one for her friend. She was also asked in the interview why was she throwing shade to Chris Gould? She stated it was because she knew exactly how Chris Gould was in real life. Ariane said that she knew Chris before the show because Chris was roommates with one of her friend’s ex-girlfriends and she saw her in passing but they never held a conversation. Get the full interview here with Ariane Davis why she explains she is not jealous over Chris Gould and why Chris Gould needs therapy. Recent rumors are that Mimi Faust has been seen with basketball player Tamera Young who plays for Chicago Sky. Well, it was good to see Chris and Mimi while it lasted. So long.


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