Just Broke Up? Check Out 5 Steps To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

So you and your girl have been arguing and fighting lately. Right now ya’ll are not really talking, but you miss her and you want her back. What do you do? There are certain steps you must take to suave a woman right back into your arms.  Flowers and chocolates are so cliche and everyone sends their lady flowers when they are chocolates-and-rose_M1wlY8uutrying to apologize for something. Yes, the ladies do love their flowers and chocolates and you can still use roses, flowers, and chocolates but push the limit, go to the highest heights to win your woman back.  Make her feel like the most important girl in the world and here is how. I have come up with 5 ways to get you right back into your ladies heart. Don’t worry, there is HOPE! I can guarantee if you do this 5 steps, she will be dropping the panties in no time.

  1. First, you want to do something you have never ever done before for any female, ever. Go out of your way, show her you really care, she is the only girl in the world you want and love and you are going to change no matter what it takes. Send her a collage of pics of you and her to her house. Have it delivered with flowers and chocolates, but put that extra sentimental, meaningful gift with it (Girls love sentimental gifts.). She will smile and laugh as she reminisces about all those good times you all had together, as she is looking at the collage of pictures of you and her.  Trust me this is the first way back into her heart, but it may not be enough just yet, but this step will at least keep you on her mind.

2. Secondly, now that you have her thinking about you, you must keep her constantly thinking about you now. The next step is to purchase some tickets out the country( Jamaica, Cancun, Bahamas)  and send her the tickets with 12 dozen roses. Put a little note for her to put the tickets up for a special day you have planned for her. By this point, she knows you really are trying to win her back.

3. Thirdly, go shopping. Get the sexiest outfit you can find, the best freshest smelling cologne you can get and go buy a swagged out a suit and shoes. Go get a fresh hair cut or fresh hair style and just show up at your ex-girlfriend’s house with a nice gift ( Gold or diamond bracelet, promise ring, lingerie, etc. . Knock on the door and when she opens the door, put the sexiest look on your face and tell her you love her. Once she sees how sexy you look with another gift in your hand, she is going to want to drop the panties right there, but of course, the fight still continues for her heart but you are almost there.

4. So if you have made it to the 4th step, yes there is definitely hope for you and it gets easier from here. Now you must go all in. Tell her to get dressed and you will have a car come swoop her in the next hour or so that will take her to a secret spot, where she will meet you there ( make it seem all serious and romantic).


5. Lastly, the last and final step. Take your woman out to a 5-star romantic resort. Have the room at the resort already reserved for after dinner and make sure you keep those bottles of wine coming back to back. That way you know she’s a little tipsy and that means all night action for you. Also make sure you have a sexy, slow album, where you can play the whole album while ya’ll make love.  Some albums suggestions would be Silk’s 1992 “Lose Control” album or R’Kelly’s 12 Play album ( All Nighters).

The next day you will get up after having steamy sex all night and now you can go on your romantic trip out of the country with those tickets you purchased for you and your ex-girlfriend. The whole point to getting back with your lady is to turn her on, make her feel loved and wanted and she will be yours again but remember don’t mess up again because you may never get another chance to redeem yourself.

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