Miles Brock Has Moved On With Sundy Carter?? What About Milan Christopher?

So we all know the roller coaster of a relationship that Miles Brock and Milan Christopher had when they were on the hit reality show Love and Hip-hop Hollywood. Milan and Miles were in a down low relationship for 2 years because Miles did not want the public, family and his homeboys to know he was a bi-sexual rapper. Milan miles and milanloved Miles so much he was willing to keep the relationship on the DL. Nobody knew Miles was gay before the show (supposedly) not even his family, close friends or his long-term girlfriend, who had suspicion Miles was gay. On Love and Hip-hop Hollywood, Miles had told his high school sweetheart and long term girlfriend he was with Milan. She
damn near had a heart attack on the show when he revealed he was in a relationship with Milan for 2 years.

Now Milan and Miles are no longer together and Miles has moved on and not with a man but with a woman, and her name is Sundy Carter. Miles just revealed he was gay last year and now he is kicking it with Sundy. We all know Sundy Carter from Basketball Wives LA, when sundy black eyeDraya gave her a Black eye on the show.

Sundy Carter is also an actress who was married to Cedric Carter. She also has a child with former basketball player Larry Hughes while he was already married. She has acted in Soul Plane, Bringing Down The House, Next Day Air, and State Property 1 and 2. You can also catch Sundy Carter on a couple of reality shows like Marriage Bootcamp and of course Basketball Wives LA.

Is Miles still on the DL? Is Sundy Carter another cover up from him being a gay man. From what Milan stated Miles has been with several men, has been out for years and he and Miles were in a versatile relationship when it came to who was a bottom.

Watch Milan’s interview on The Breakfast Club below.

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