Prince Will Always Be The True King Of Androgyny

It is so sad to hear that Prince Rogers Nelson has passed away Thursday, April 21, 2016, at the age of 57. Just a week before on April 15th, Prince had made to make an emergency landing due to an unknown illness in Illinois on his private jet and a week later he is deceased. He was born June 7, 1958, and was born in Minneapolis, MN and he had one son named Boy Gregory Nelson with Mayte Garcia who was on Hollywood Exes TV reality show. Tragically his son passed away due to being born premature and was diagnosed with Pfeiffer syndrome and passed at a week old. Prince married Mayte Garcia when she was only 22 and he was 37. He was found unconscious in his elevator at his home and studio in Chanhassen, MN and was pronounced dead at 10:00 am. Prince was an international multi-platinum artist. Not much is known about how he did but he will be forever missed but his music will forever be played.

People have always talked about Prince being a bi-sexual man because of his sexy androgynous flamboyant style. He was not the average male. He was only 5’2 and he was not all buff and big, with muscles. He was just the opposite. He was very petite, small frame, he wore eye shadow, glitter, mascara, eye liner, let his butt cheeks hang out, and wore tight clothes. Prince was the true king of androgyny and he became a superstar because of it and of course his creative ultimate unique style when it came to music. His music was true Rock ‘N’ Roll. Rather Prince was bi-sexual and it has never been confirmed that he was bi-sexual or not, he was still was the KING of androgyny, creativity and singing sexy R&B, and Rock ‘N’ Roll music. He went to early. He will be forever missed but his spirit will remain in his music. R.I.P Prince.

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