Tennessee Now Has a Bill That Allows Counselor Not To Work With LGBT Patients

Tennessee recently passed a law that will allow therapist, counselors or psychiatrist to make a decision of working or not working with LGBT customers on any religious grounds. I feel sorry for these counselors or health professionals who are closed minded in a field where people should be very open minded especially when dealing with mental health or people who already may be suicidal, depressed, or sad and may need someone to lean on, or talk to such as counselors and therapist. The law still has not been passed by Tennessee’s governor which it to be passed by the governor before the laws goes in to affect. Bill Haslam is Tennessee’s governor and he has not stated rather he will sign for the Bill or not.

This bill is a great way to continue to allow hate in this country. This Bill allows mental health professionals to turn away a patient in need of care due to their religious beliefs. If they do turn a patient away they cannot get sued for discrimination due to this new Bill Tennessee is trying to put in affect. If a counselor does indeed turn a patient away they have to refer them to another healthcare professional that is willing to work with them.  The LGBT advocates are truly concerned about the “Principles” of this bill.

Tennessee will be the only state if this bill is passed that will allow counselors to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. I don’t agree with this Bill and I believe it will cause more harm than good to the patients that need help and are calling out for help but only to get turned away. The American Counselling Association has objected to the bill stated this is not permitted in the American Counselling Association code of ethics. What are your thoughts on this Bill Tennessee is trying to put in affect?

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