Mimi Faust From Love and Hip-hop Atlanta “Lesbian”? Check out Chris Gould, Her New Lover

chris gould and mimi

Chris Gould and Mimi Faust

So, if you didn’t catch season 5, episode 1 of Love and Hip-hop Atlanta, Mimi Faust is now a lesbian! Yep, straight lesbian. She is in a new relationship with, a stud name Chris Gould who is originally from Bankhead, Atlanta. She was introduced on Love and Hip-hop as Mimi’s new love interest and girlfriend. She is a personal injury paralegal but she is more interested in music now. Mimi went from Stevie J’s baby mama to a porn star, to a lesbian. What a roller coaster Mimi has been on, but nonetheless she always surprises us with good, juicy story lines.

So who exactly is Chris Gould and how in the world did she meet Mimi, co-star of Reality TV Love and Hip-hop Atlanta? VH1 did an interview with Chris Gould and she said she met Mimi at a club where Mimi was booked and she was in her VIP section. She said Mimi came up to her and told her she found her intriguing. After that Mimi had an after party and her and Chris were kicking it together at the after party and it just went from the there to now a relationship.

The big question is, did she know about Mimi’s sex tape? Chris stated the funny thing is she did not know Mimi had a sex tape and didn’t watch it until after they were together. She says she does not watch much T.V, so she did not know Mimi’s past history with men, but she knew they were in a relationship around last October when Nikko was at Mimi’s front door when they pulled up from after going shopping with Mimi and Mimi’s daughter. She said she got over protective over Mimi and would have jumped on Nikko if he would have done anything to Mimi. She says she knew then she had feelings for Mimi. Let’s stay tuned to see how things turn out in this Gay Love and Hip Hop World.

Read the while VH1 Interview here with Chris Gould.

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