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    The transgender actor Neeli Rana is going places

    Neeli Rana is an unlikely icon for Lahore’s artist community. In a society that continues to struggle over issues of gender and sexuality, the 41-year-old transgendered actor has somehow managed to become one of the most sought-after personalities in the city’s commercial and parallel theatre circuit. “I am an idol for my people because I […]

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    Closeup portrait of a male model with makeup isolated on grey background
    Govt Spends $200,000 To Get Transgender Latin Men To Use Condoms

    The U.S. government spent $199,942 this fiscal year on a project to provide condoms, HIV tests and “use of safe transition-related healthcare services among Latina transgender women who have sex with men.” “The United States has a large and rapidly growing Latino population,” the project overview states. “At the same time, Latinos and transgender persons […]

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    6 Facts About ‘OOOUUU’ Rapper Young M.A.

    One of hip-hop’s biggest new stars only released her hit single, “OOOUUU,” five months ago but she’s already heading to the top of the charts. By way of Brooklyn, New York, Young M.A. isn’t just one of the best female rappers out now, she’s better than a lot of the males rapping today. Before she […]

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    Check Out The First CoverBoy For CoverGirl

    You might have seen him already. James Charles, a YouTube sensation from Upstate New York, was recently unveiled as a fresh new face for CoverGirl cosmetics. You read that correctly. A young man is representing CoverGirl. “First boy ever & I am so excited.” The 17-year-old high school student joins Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, Sofia […]

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    Indonesia Posts Anti-LGBT Ad For Youth Ambassador Role

    The Indonesian government has posted an advert for a new youth ambassador position that orders members of the LGBT community not to apply. The country, the most populous Muslim nation in the world, has not outlawed homosexuality but same-sex relationships are not openly welcomed, and the ruling government has made efforts to marginalize the community. […]

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    Indonesian police arrest gay couple over amorous Facebook photos

    Jakarta (dpa) – Two men were arrested in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province after one of them posted photos on Facebook showing them kissing in bed, police said Thursday. In the photos the two men, aged 22 and 24, were kissing while shirtless, with a message that read: “With my dear lover tonight. May our love […]